Opening night, October 6, features FOU GLORIEUX performing So Blue, an intense, rough, obsessive, and mysterious work set to Mercan Dede’s rhythmical, visceral music. Physically, LOUISE LECAVALIER is an arresting composite of David Bowie and Tilda Swinton and is, in the world of contemporary dance, as iconic as both. So Blue marks her volcanic emergence as a choreographer. The first 30 minutes of So Blue, its vibrant, swirling soundtrack composed by Turkish-born Montréaler Mercan Dede, features Lecavalier in a perilous solo. Joined by Frédéric Tavernini for the second half, their raw, shared energy reaches dizzying heights. “55 minutes of sustained and spectacular physical virtuosity.”

The intimate work by CORPUSCULE DANSE, Jamais Seule (Never Alone), was inspired by the movement possibilities of quadriplegic dancer FRANCE GEOFFROY. This piece is autobiographical, focusing on the France’s desire to express herself in a constant back and forth between past and present. Jamais Seule is a modest and irreverent look at another reality.

Theatre-dance piece Performances May be Permanent by KATE STORY (with BILL BRENNAN) navigates diverse territory: Glenn Gould, a dying mother, the nature of memory, the inner workings of a brain hooked on music, and the redemptive power of connection. Kate is a performer and writer, born and raised in Newfoundland now living in Ontario. Bill is a renowned pianist, percussionist, composer and producer who directs the Memorial University Jazz Ensemble and Gamelan Sagara Asih (the Memorial University Gamelan Ensemble).

Conceived and choreographed by LISA PORTERFuture Perfect is a meditation on mortality performed by LORI CLARKE and ANDREA TUCKER. Local award-winning music and sound designer Lori Clarke and dancer Andrea Tucker perform.

10 GATES DANCING INC.’s a facet (of FACETS) is a one-time only performance, created and performed by TEDD ROBINSON, RILEY SIMS and CHARLES QUEVILLON. A mash-up of 10 Gates Dancing’s recent NAC co-production Facets, it stars Riley Sims as the “guy in white underwear”, Charles Quevillon as “the musician” and Tedd Robinson making a guest appearance as “the guy with things on his head”.

Conceived and directed by ANNE TROAKE to celebrate 25 years of the Festival of New Dance, the 25/25/25 Dance Project promises a tour-de-force evening of guerrilla art-making in the true spirit of Neighbourhood Dance Works. The practices of choreography and performance are the focus, meeting our thirst for experimentation and the experience of art making. 25 works will be created by 25 choreographers who will be given 25 minutes each to create a work 25 seconds in length, all in front of a live audience!

FUJIWARA DANCE INVENTIONSEunoia is Denise Fujiwara’s adaptation of Christian Bök’s award-winning and bestselling book of conceptual poetry of the same name. Eunoia is a multimedia experience of dance, video, music and costume that employs constraints in such inventive ways that it has resulted in a groundbreaking performance lauded by audiences and critics alike. Fujiwara Inventions takes the audience on a verbal, visual and visceral journey.

Auto Fiction by HUMAN PLAYGROUND features three dancers and an automobile — the performers walk, run, roll over, propel and fall on this car composing a choreographic track between dance and urban acrobatics. Auto-Fiction is a descent at full speed that explores the multiple relationships we maintain with our cars. This performance is a co-presentation with the Arts and Culture Centre in St. John’s, NL.

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