Photo: Sandra Lynn Bélanger


Auto-Fiction is a work for three dancers, one car and some concrete. Created by dancer/choreographer Milan Gervais, the work explores our love-hate relationship with cars as the dancers jump, run, slid and generally propel themselves on over and through the car from trunk to hood and back. Auto-Fiction takes us on a road-trip through traffic jams, travel stories, road-rage and car crashes, bypassing the drive through and heading straight into the urban landscape of the city.

Auto-Fiction is a co-production with the St. John’s Arts & Culture Centre
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Thursday Oct 8:
NEW VENUE: Library loading bay at the Arts and Culture Centre
The entrance is off Livyers Loop at the back of the ACC, next to MUN. Directional signage will be in place and volunteers will be present to assist.
*There is plenty parking available at the ACC

Friday Oct 9:
The forecast for Friday is positive but the Blue Drop parking lot venue will be evaluated tomorrow and we will either confirm or change this venue in another notice.

Saturday Oct 10:
No change in venue for the pop-up and workshop — they will still be held at the ACC loading bay as scheduled