Photo: Kenneth J. Harvey


POST SHOW TALKS take place 15 minutes after Main Stage and Off-Site performances so that the audience can have an intimate moment with the choreographer and performers to talk about their experience of each choreographic work.

The Festival Animateur guides these conversations, generating a dialogue between dancer, choreographer and the public. Talk or listen there is so much to be gleaned from these short, informal (and admission-free) sessions.

Lois Brown has been involved with the Festival of New Dance from its inception in 1990. She is past Artistic Animateur of RCA Theatre Company, and an original member and past Curator of Neighbourhood Dance Works. In 2004 she was one of five Canadian directors short-listed for the Elinore & Lou Siminovitch Prize. The following year, The Canada Council for the Arts gave her The Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award for outstanding achievement in theatre by a mid-career Canadian artist. She has been recognized for her contribution to the arts in Newfoundland and Labrador with an Artist Achievement Award.

Lois holds a Masters from Memorial University, where she has taught acting and directing. In 2006 she established her own company—newfoudlandartistx (nax)—for research and experimentation in live art. From 2011 to 2014, Lois was dramaturg-in-residence at Playwrights Workshop Montreal. Last year she was presented with the YWCA Women of Distinction award for her contribution to the lives of others on a provincial/national/international scale.