A Crazy Kind of Hope is an uplifting piece of dance layered soothing movement and visuals and beautifully worded stories.

Spoken word combined with simple but mesmerizing choreography will leave anyone inspired and spiritually lifted. Andrea Nann’s performance is equally relaxing and enchanting, and the stories she tells are sweet and beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this work being handed so gracefully to its audience. The soothing music and tales spun by Nann as she dances in singular movements are so endearing and lovely. The piece is thought provoking, and combined with Nann’s singing and the nature-inspired visuals, it has a truly peaceful effect.

“A Crazy Kind of Hope” made me appreciate the beauty of the world. As soon as I left, my thoughts were flooded with gratitude. For art, and for family. Indeed, it gave me a crazy kind of hope.

A Crazy Kind of Hope
Sarah Chase/Dreamwalker Dance Company
Friday, October 6
LSPU Hall, 8pm