The purposeful difficulty of building the connection between each duo is almost infuriating, since having seen a recording of the entire performance, I know they will achieve harmonious movement.

Once they do, and it is beautiful for a moment, I barely sink into this easier beauty of pure dance, and it starts all over with a new duo who must begin again with their choreographed path to rapport.

But not quite. What I had not noticed the first time is how much each dancer’s character learns from the previous duo. They do not start all the way over. In the repetition and reshuffle of short sequences we get to watch what was learned from the time before by the absence of some of those previously repeated sequences. Each dancer comes in with the past dance already inside them. As we all do, situationally, romantically, professionally, through our lives. The re-use of some discreet moves, again and again with changing partners meant more once I
noticed that there was a progression, a growth, in any given dancer’s relationships through the piece. Sometimes you just gotta hang onto a few of your moves, your sweet sweet moves. Watching this live was more difficult, more uncomfortable too, as the impact the dancers have on each other is so very apparent. With the minimal clothing and the extreme physicality and athleticism of the dance, you watch the pairs make actual marks on each other. Their skin turning red and mottled from handling.