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October 6 to October 8 2015, 1-4pm

a 3-day intensive workshop with DENISE FUJIWARA + GERRY TRENTHAM
Arts & Culture Centre, 3rd floor dance studio
Registration required, ndw@nfld.net, space is limited. $75.00.

Participants explored a new frontier of performance training. The program integrated the embodiment practices of the dance-theatre form of Butoh with the practices of Linklater-based voice and speech as a means to increased creative potential, range and precision as performers and  performance creators. Fujiwara Dance Inventions

“As a theatre artist I find the Butoh Voice Intensive to be an excellent training ground for anyone interested in integrating physicality and voice within performance.” — Alaine Hutton

“Denise and Gerry use imaginative, concrete exercises with clear underlying principles that allow performers to access and articulate the most essential yet elusive aspect of performance: how do you become compelling to watch and listen to as a performer?” — Lauren Gillis


October 8 2015, 10am-12pm

MAX – Arts, Athletics, Wellness, 6 St. Clare Avenue
Please register in advance, ndw@nfld.net, $10 – $15

An introductory workshop of integrated dance, a field of inclusive exploration of contemporary dance open to people with and without disabilities. With the help of directed exploratory exercises using contact improvisation dance techniques, participants discovered and explored as a group: their body language, creativity, and ability to come into contact with various dance partners. This experience demonstrated that the encounter of physical limitations, the use of a mobility device and the harmony between able-bodied and disabled people make for extraordinary opportunities to have a better understanding of the body in movement. This workshop enabled participants to live a different dance experience enriching and broadening their horizons. The workshop was directed by France Geoffroy (quadraplegic), a professional dancer and artistic director of Corpuscule Danse, along with her partner, Joannie Douville, a professional dancer and teacher for the company.
Corpuscule Danse

October 9 2015, 1-3pm
Arts & Culture Centre Dance Studio
Please register in advance, ndw@nfld.net, $10 – $15

Tedd has been balancing things, on his head mostly, in performance since 1989. His investigations have led to thoughts about functional movement in performance, working with the release of performative gesturing and other things that inhibit balancing things in front of people. Basic performance/movement skills were an asset in this workshop. Participants were asked to bring a grapefruit, not too ripe, to the workshop.
10 Gates Dancing

October 10 2015, 2:30pm-4pm
Arts & Culture Centre Dance Space

Please register in advance, ndw@nfld.net, $10 – $15

This choreographic workshop combined parkour techniques with dance sequences from Auto-Fiction and structured improvisations surrounding the artistic themes. Dancers from Human Playground led this workshop. Participants engaged in specific warm-up and muscle activations, a required preparation for the movement repertoire. A dance sequence from the Auto-Fiction repertoire was taught and conveyed to the participants in order to familiarize themselves with the choreographic material and perform a part of the piece. For project videos and photos, visit: www.human‐playground.com



October 6 2015, 7:30pm

This award was established by Robbie’s family as a way to continue her infectious human spirit by supporting development and presentation in the field of dance and dance collaboration. The Roberta Thomas Legacy Award (RTLA) is awarded annually to a dance practitioner or an artist in any discipline collaborating with a dance practitioner. Projects are funded up to $1000.00 and can be for ideation, professional development, or aspects of creation or final production.

The 2015 RTLA will be presented by CANDICE PIKE (2014 recipient) to SARAH JOY STOKER for her project Pink Noise.

Sarah is the 4th recipient of this annual award. The previous winners are:
2014: Candice Pike
2013: Colleen Quigley
2012: Dave Gardiner

October 4, 5, and 7 2015

Dance historian Amy Bowring led lively presentations on the following subjects during the 2015 Festival of New Dance.

• Sunday, October 4, at 7pm Dance NL celebrated its 5th birthday by hosting: Demystifying Modern Dance: Illuminating the story behind the art form about the rise of modern dance and its roots in Canada. This presentation was followed by Colleen Quigley’s Dancing Documents.
Cox & Palmer Second Space, LSPU Hall.

• Monday, October 5, the Memorial University Centre for Newfoundland Studies hosted research gathered on patriotic performances from the First World War era

• Wednesday, October 7 from 10am to 12 noon, Neighbourhood Dance Works hosted Grassroots Archiving Workshop, a practical and accessible workshop that helped artists and the public learn the basics of “home archiving”.

Amy Bowring is the Director of Collections and Research at Dance Collection Danse (DCD) and has been associated with DCD since 1993. She is known in the national dance community for her knowledge of preservation techniques and her advocacy efforts on the issue of dance heritage. She is the founder of the Canadian Society for Dance Studies and a sessional instructor at Ryerson University’s Theatre School where she teaches dance history. She spent 13 years as the copy editor of The Dance Current magazine. Amy holds a BA in Fine Arts Studies from York University and an MA in Journalism from the University of Western Ontario. Though a native of Ontario, her maternal and paternal ancestors settled in Newfoundland over 200 years ago. Most recently, she edited her grandfather Derrick Bowring’s memoir Down to Bowring’s (Creative Book Publishing, 2015).


Post Show Talks took place 15 minutes after Main Stage performances so that the audience could have an intimate moment with the choreographer and for performers to talk about their experience of each choreographic work.

The Festival Animateur, Lois Brown, guided these conversations, generating a dialogue between dancer, choreographer and the public.

October 10 2015

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) screened a dance film at the LSPU Hall Saturday October 10.