Josh Martin
Friday, October 6, 8pm
This 8pm show also features A Crazy Kind of Hope (Sarah Chase / Dreamwalker Dance).

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Performed by Company 605 Co-Artistic Director Josh Martin, this solitary dance began as an investigation surrounding an idea that the body holds a separate memory bank. Muscle tissue, bones, tendons and organs all storing their own accounts of past events, actions and trauma, with this collected information not readily shared or easily accessed by the mind. The process has been an exploration of how to consistently find, enter, and move through different states and sensations. In a constant effort to disconnect movement from thought, the dance is an attempt to externalize the inner moments of body recall, and an expansion of what gets churned up in the retrieval.

Choreography and Performance: Josh Martin
Lighting Design: Won Kyoon Han
Music: Lightning Bolt / Polmo Polpo
Rehearsal Direction: Lisa Gelley
Special Thanks: Lee Su-Feh, and Barbara Bourget

Originally from Alberta, Josh Martin is a diversely trained dance artist with a career-to-date that has led him across North America and Europe, studying and performing in many genres along the way. Josh primarily works as Artistic Co-Director of Company 605, a Vancouver-based arts organization creating and producing new dance works through a collaborative process, regularly touring throughout Canada and Internationally. As a performer and collaborator, he has also worked with many other dance companies and independent choreographers such as Amber Funk Barton (the response.), Martha Carter, Day Helesic, Karen Jamieson, Helen Walkley, Dana Gingras, Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg, Justine A. Chambers, Tiffany Tregarthen and David Raymond (Out Innerspace Dance Theatre), Vanessa Goodman (The Contingency Plan / Action at a Distance), Serge Bennathan (Les Productions Figlio), Wen Wei Wang (Wen Wei Dance), and as a past company member of Le Groupe Dance Lab in Ottawa under the direction of Peter Boneham. His solo work has been presented in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Moncton, Portland, Seattle, throughout Germany (Winning 1st Prize for Choreography at the Internatonal SoloTanz Festival in Stuttgart), and through the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Off the stage, he serves as Vice-Chair of The Dance Centre’s Board of Directors and is a Past-Chair of CADA/West. Josh was the recipient of Vancouver’s 2013 Mayor’s Arts Award, Emerging Dance Category. www.company605.ca