This information is for the full Family Dinner shows in private dining rooms, to be announced. The performance includes food and drink. For information about the theatre show at the LSPU Hall on October 6 (Family Dinner: The Lexicon) click here.

October 3-6
Family Dinner
Justine Chambers
A Dining Room Near You, 6:00pm
Food and Drink Served

Photos by Yvonne Chew




Family Dinner

Family Dinner is an immersive and intimate dining performance– a cumulative project that invites the public to dine with performers. The work is at once a performance, rehearsal, embodied recording, a choreographic exploration of a shared meal and conversation with dinner guests. Derived from essence; essence of habit, social cues and personal histories, the work functions as a palimpsest – each performance written upon the one before – leaving its trace within the shared vocabulary of the performers. Inspired by the copy-left movement, family dining rituals and gestures are gathered from performers and guests, personal stories and physical memories are recalled and reinterpreted as a means to continuously develop the work.

Contemporary dance artist Justine A. Chambers’ interests lie in collaborative creation and re-imagining dance performance. Drawn to the movement of all bodies, and focusing on the dances that are already there – the social choreographies present in the everyday – she has been creating performance projects throughout Canada since 2000.

Aryo Khakpour is a Vancouver-based multidisciplinary performer and theatre-maker. He holds a BFA in Theatre Performance from Simon Fraser University. Aryo cofounded The Biting School, which has been presented at Dancing on the Edge Festival, Dance in Vancouver, rEvolver Festival, and Dance Days Victoria over the past two years.

Lisa Gelley works actively as a performer, teacher and choreographer in contemporary dance. She shares co-directorship of Company 605, a Vancouver-based company with a collaborative mandate, working from contemporary and urban influences in dance, but also in conversation with artists in other forms.

Kate Franklin lives in Vancouver, regularly collaborating with Justine A. Chambers and Tara Cheynne Performance. She is Associate Director of the contemporary dance training program, Modus Operandi. Kate last performed at the Festival of New Dance in 2004 in a work by her best friend and proud Newfoundlander, Tina Fushell.

Josh Martin works primarily as Co-Director of Company 605, producing new contemporary dance works through collaborative creation. He works actively as a performer for a number of independent choreographers and companies. His solo work has been performed nationally and internationally. He was the recipient of Vancouver’s 2013 Mayor’s Arts Award as Emerging Dance Artist.

Alison Denham is a contemporary dance artist based in Vancouver. She was a member of Dancemakers from 2000-2005 and has worked independently with many choreographers including Alvin Erasga Tolentino, Wen Wei Wang, Peter Chin, Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg, Serge Bennathan and Justine A. Chambers. She is Zoya Nancy Denham-Marchenski’s mother.

Billy Marchenski was a founding member of Screaming Flea. Billy has been working in theatre and dance with Battery Opera, Radix, The Leaky Heaven Circus, Co.Erasga Dance, Theatre Skam, Justine A. Chambers, Kokoro Dance, and Neworld Theatre. He received the Sydney J. Risk Prize for Outstanding Original Play in 2014.

Sound artist, Nancy Tam, creates musical composition, multichannel sound installation for live and fixed media, and sound design for theatre, dance, and interdisciplinary work. She is an active member of the Toronto based Toy Piano Composers collective, and the Vancouver based performance collective A Wake of Vultures.

James Proudfoot, Lighting Designer: From Edinburgh, Scotland where he received his initial theatre training, James has been living in Vancouver since 1993. He has contributed lighting designs for dance works to many companies.