Wednesday, October 4
Yellow Towel
Dana Michel
LSPU Hall 8:00pm

Photo by Maxyme G. Delisle

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Yellow Towel

As a child, Dana Michel would drape a yellow towel on her head in an attempt to become blonde and to be othered. In Yellow Towel, she revisits this escapist world of alter-egos in a performative ritual longing to be free of censorship. Blending austerity and absurdity, she digs into tropes of black culture and of marginalized beings, turning them inside out to see whether or not she can relate. We witness her allowing a strange creature to emerge from this excavation in a slow and disconcerting metamorphosis that we follow with fascination. An attempt at exorcisms in technicolour.

Choreography and Performance: Dana Michel
Set and Costume Design: Dana Michel
Lighting and Technical Direction: Karine Gautier
Artistic Advisors: Ivo Dimchev + Peter James + Mathieu Léger + Antonija Livingstone + Manolis Tsipos
Sound Consultant: David Drury
Production: Dana Michel + Daniel Léveillé Danse
Production Assistants: Heidi Louis and Chad Dembski
Coproduction: Festival TransAmériques + Studio 303
Creative Residencies: Compagnie Marie Chouinard + MAI + Le Chien Perdu (Bruxelles) + Usine C + Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique + Studio 303 + Agora de la Danse
With the Support of: Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec + Canada Council for the Arts + Cirque du Soleil Cultural Action program + MAI

Dana Michel receives administrative/development support from Daniel Léveillé Danse company (Montréal, QC) as part of its touring sponsorship project.

Dana Michel is a choreographer and performer based in Montréal. Before obtaining a BFA in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University in her late twenties, she was a marketing executive, competitive runner and football player. She is a 2011 danceWEB scholar (Vienna, Austria) and is currently an artist-in-residence at DanceMakers (Toronto, Canada) and at Usine C (Montreal, Canada). An amalgam of choreography, intuitive improvisation and performance art, her artistic practice is rooted in exploring identity as disordered multiplicity. She work with notions of performative alchemy and post-cultural bricolage – using live moments, object appropriation, personal history, future desires and current preoccupations to create an empathetic centrifuge of experience between her and her witnesses.

Press Quotes

“[…] Ms. Michel’s “Yellow Towel” was engrossing. Offbeat in the extreme, it cast an imaginative theater spell that recurrently evoked the great New York performance artists Eiko & Koma, while showing Ms. Michel’s intense individuality. Like them, she at once creates a world, strange, enthralling and often consisting of small movements. Unlike them, she talks, is sometimes funny, and changes persona. A Canadian artist, Ms. Michel has a manner onstage that is largely oblique. She often moves and speaks as if either act were problematic. But every stammering noise, every strained movement demonstrated powerful imagination and psychological force.” – The New York Times (États-Unis)

“Unflinchingly, Dana Michel offers an abrasive, edgy performance in Yellow Towel. Using lifetimes of black social isolation, withdrawal and imagination, she lures you in. It’s a gut punch steeped in stereotypes of black culture, echoing imbalance and a lively contrariness, and infused with attitude. Michel is making work like nobody else.”
– The Dance Current (Canada)

“Yellow Towel is weird, insightful and hilarious without resorting to predictable contrivances. It achieves a state of imbalance that is revelatory.”– Realtimearts (Australia)