Raíces y Alas Flamenco
September 30, 8pm
Masonic Temple





Featuring flamenco dancers Andrea Williams and Michelle Harding from Vancouver, with local favourites: Sean Harris (cante), Manny Companjen (guitar), Anthony Tucker (percussion), Christina Penney (palmas y baile).

Michelle and Andrea are feature performers in Vancouver and Western Canada and have performed in the US, Spain and Athens, Greece as well. This is their first performance in Newfoundland.

The show will also have a performance by local students attending the flamenco master class residency.

“… should you venture into their domain, you will be handsomely treated to a feast of beautiful
 classical and contemporary stylings in courageous exploration and bold, unpredictable drama.” – Marta Robertson-Smyth (artist)

“It’s rare to see and feel such a sense of shared community embracing both the artists and the audience.
” – Tony Montague (Vancouver Sun)



Michelle Harding began her flamenco dance training in Vancouver with Oscar Nieto in 2001 and began performing two years later. Since then she has developed into one of the city’s most experienced and sought-after tablao performers. Beyond this traditional style of flamenco, she has collaborated with artists from outside the usual scope of the form to experiment, innovate and challenge expectations. She has worked with such diverse artists and groups as The Plastic Acid Orchestra, Tyson Naylor (jazz pianist), Mashregh (Persian-flamenco fusion), Wen Wei Wang (contemporary dance), Krystle dos Santos (jazz-soul singer) and Silk Road Music Ensemble.

Hailing from Newfoundland, Andrea Williams is now a major contributor to Vancouver’s artistic community with her experimental and provocative approach to flamenco. She has produced, choreographed, and danced in the sold-out productions of Raíces y Alas (2010), Voces (2011), Colores (2012), Pairings (2013), táctil (2015, 2016, 2017) and delMar (2017). Her choreographies have also been featured at notable Vancouver dance festivals such as New Works, B.C. Buds and the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival. She was an invited soloist for the New Works: Dance AllSorts 2014 season and for Mozaico Flamenco’s 2015 productions of “Viñetas del Mozaico” and “Three Sides of a Coin”.