10 Gates Dancing Inc, October 8 — a facet (of FACETS)

We were especially lucky to have this one-time version of FACETS, featuring Riley Sims as the “guy in white underwear”, Charles Quevillon as “the musician” and Tedd Robinson, who stole the stage as “the guy with things on his head”. Another version of this mash-up was performed in May at the National Arts Centre by seven collaborators who were influenced by Robinson’s archives and a score by Quevillon. But we had our very own unique 30-minute delight of quirkiness that served as the ideal counterpoint to Future Perfect and its solemnity. Here we had three male creators and performers acting in a manner that verged on the absurd. Memorable. This is why we need dance—to span gender, generation and genre.

10Gates_TR 10Gates_RS 10Gates_CQ


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